FAQ ⋆ Paintguard


- Anti Stone Chip Paint Protection Film

Does it really work?

Oh yes, it even has the added benefit that due to its built in memory it has a self healing property.

Lifetime warranty?

Against Cracking, Peeling, Bubbling or turning yellow, for as long as the original purchaser retains ownership of the vehicle.

Can you see the film when installed?

On areas like bumpers, lights and full bonnets it is very difficult to see the film as it’s clear and designed to fit.

Can the film be removed?

Yes by using a hairdryer or heat gun. On resprayed areas extreme caution should be taken when removing.

Is the film cut on the vehicle?

No. The patterns are cut prior to installation via a plotter and Pc software to fit the areas perfectly.

Will the paint fade differently?

No. The material contains UV inhibitors to prevent the film from reacting to the sun’s rays. Filtering sunlight through the film to age with the rest of the paintwork.

Any special maintenance after install?

No. you can wash and wax both the film and paintwork as normal. Build up of wax on edges can be removed using a Qtip.

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