A guide to Xpel ⋆ Paintguard

Xpel are a company that specialise in paint protection- they believe in performance, durability and excellence. In this guide we are going to look at the products and services they offer.

Paint protection

If you own a vehicle you want to keep it in the best possible condition. However there is always the danger that a few simple stone chips can hit against the paintwork, resulting in unsightly scratches and marks. For anyone this can be a nuisance but for people in business their vehicle is often the first thing people see- therefore presentation is vital.

Xpel’s polyurethane films are specifically hand drawn, measured and tested manually. In the case of the ULTIMATE line of polyurethane the film can literally heal itself. With any of the product lines it is specifically designed for your car- while it is possible to cover up marks with paint it is often inconsistent whereas the film prevents damage and helps maintain the look of your paintwork.

As well as the ultimate line there is also-

• Stealth- A satin finish designed to blend with your paintwork
• Tracwrap- A temporary finish you can apply yourself in less than 45 minutes, ideal for covering up road abrasions and removable in 5minutes.
• Armor- This 13 mils (.013 inches) paint protection is ideal for off-road, commercial and industrial vehicles that require more heavy duty protection.
• Custom options are also available


As well as paint protection Xpel also offer a range of aftercare products including microfibre towels, rinse free carwash and film cleaners, helping you to ensure your vehicle’s paintwork stays in the best possible condition.

It is possible to purchase kits that allow you to put the film on yourself but it is recommended that you use a professional installer in order to ensure that it is applied correctly so that you can be rest assured that your paintwork is properly protected.

If you are looking to provide a paint protection installation service Xpel also offer training courses so that you can learn how to professionally install their products and give your customers the best possible service. The course covers everything from using DAP software to the installation process itself, ensuring that students get the indepth knowledge they need both in terms of discussing the product and in terms of providing the best service.

Learn more

Xpel offer a comprehensive technical support service available from Monday to Friday (8.30am to 5.30pm) where you can call their experts on a range of issues as well as full online support to discuss installation and other issues (they can also provide photos and video clips, ideal for people who are still learning the process)

If you would like to know more about the services they have to offer you can contact them here so that you can discover what they can do for you. Whether you are a professional or someone who just simply wants to keep their paintwork looking good it is worth knowing them and at Paint Guard we are proud to supply their products and services.