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Sun Tek Window Films are manufactured in a town called Martinsville, Virginia in the United States. The company has invested heavily in order to produce state of the art dyed film line and has a firm belief in responding to customer needs and requests, technical staff focused on research and development as well as state of the art machinery. While this all sounds very impressive it is important to ask- how does this benefit me as a customer and what does this mean in terms of protection for your windows and paint work?


Sun Tek offers both matte and top coated paint protection for vehicle as well as protection for your window film. The major benefit is that the protective film is invisible, so you can avoid unsightly chipped windows from debris, stones and so forth while at the same time having a well presented vehicle with a high gloss finish.

There are other major benefits including-

• A variety of colours and shades, designed to match factory tints. This not only protects the vehicle but can also make it look better too, ideal for maintaining its resale value.
• The installation process accounts for heat shrinkability, adhesion and dry time.
• As the name suggests it has been designed specifically to reduce solar glare as well as heat and UV rejection, making the vehicle more comfortable drive in during hotter weather.
• Most importantly of all the film provides increased safety and protection- you reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle as a result of chipped windows. Remember what starts as a tiny chip can become a massive crack, so it is better to prevent the chips from happening in the first place.
• The film is cut to fit using Sun Tek’s exclusive software package TruCut. This means that the film is properly cut to fit your vehicle so you can ensure that everything that needs to be covered is covered.

A big added benefit with Sun Tek’s film is that it is easy to install, offers superior optical clarity and comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be assured of the best possible protection.

Other products

You may also be interested to know that Sun Tek also offer protection for buildings as well- their architectural range includes reflective and dual reflective window films as well as a number of speciality applications.

As with the vehicle window films they offer a simple no hassle installation process and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.


As well as installing the products Sun Tek can also provide help both during and after the process. For new customers they are happy to assist with deciding what product is best suited to their vehicle, as well as guidance on installation and technical questions.

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Paint Guard are proud to name Sun Tek as one of our suppliers. You can find out more about what they have to offer by visiting their website or contacting them directly here