A Guide To Premiumshield ⋆ Paintguard

Everyone wants their vehicles to look good. Whether you have just bought a new car to get to work or you have a fleet of commercial vehicles you want to be sure they look their best for as long as possible. However, a few loose stone chips can result in damage to the paintwork. You can avoid this by applying a paint shield to your vehicle.

For 45 years Matrix Films has produced advanced technology in the field of protective film. Using their own brand of bespoke software (PremiumShield) to create their products- with vehicles more and more vulnerable to damage from chipping it has become more important that people protect them and in this article we will look at the range they have available.


• Premiumshield- This 0.16mm urethane film is specifically designed to be both flexible but also provide longevity- this can be used on a range of surfaces including paints, gel coating or other surfaces that might require protection. It also comes with a warranty guaranteeing that it won’t peel, crack or degrade due to UV exposure.
• Premiumshield Elite- As well as providing the same level of protection as the standard Premiumshield the Elite film can also provide protection against staining caused by acids, abrasives and solvents. An additional surface also helps to provide additional durability.
• Premiumshield Ultra- A 0.30mm film this is specifically designed with heavy duty usage in mind. Aside from off road it is often used for industrial vehicles, airplanes and some heavy duty equipment, ensuring that they are properly protected.
• Aftercare- You can also get a range of aftercare products including bug removers, door edge guards and anti-scuff squeegees that can help keep your vehicle’s paintwork in the best condition after the Premiumshield has been installed.
• Software- Premiumshield’s software has been specifically designed with a user friendly interface. It allows you to modify patterns and save them to your own computer, as well as a massive library of wrapped and non-wrapped templates. If you have any questions or need any help using the software the customer service team can also guide you through the process of installing and using the programs.
• Warranty- Premiumshield comes with a five-year warranty so you can be rest assured that you are getting the best possible quality in protective film.
• Important note- Once installed you can wash and wax your car as you would normally and it won’t affect the protective film.


If you are looking to install Premiumshield products, then you can attend a three-day training syllabus. This allows anyone who wants to sell the products all the skills they need in order to make sure that they understand how the products work, including preparing the vehicle, the appropriate clothing and how to use software.

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Paint Guard is proud to call PremiumShield one of its suppliers. If you would like to find out more about the range of products and services, they offer you can go to their website for more information.